Recycled Purse and Car Art

Check out these instructional and eco-friendly workshops, hosted by local artists and businesses

Saturday, June 6

 1 p.m. DIY Potholders: Rags to Riches – Whole Foods

Participants will learn to create potholders from old t-shirts and fabric scraps.

 2 p.m. Hula Hoop Recycle Fun- Chicago Hula Hoop Festival

Participants will re-use hula hoops to make new creations like wreaths, dream catchers, and more hula hoops!

 3 p.m. DIY: Bottle Cap Brooches – Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

Participants will re-purpose bottle caps and other materials to make wearable art.

 4 p.m. TBA – The Wasteshed
 5 p.m. TBA (Contact us if you would like to participate!)


Sunday, June 7

 1 p.m. Folk Art – Voice of the City

Participants will create small mixed-media pieces of artwork made up of bottle caps, magazine images, jewelry and beads. Parents are encouraged to stay and participate as well! *Feel free to bring broken jewelry or beads from home.

 2 p.m. A New Life for Old Bags – The Bethesda Home

Participants will learn to weave plastic grocery bags into yoga-style mats for the homeless.

 3 p.m. DIY: Hydroponics – The Green Suite

Window farming is inexpensive and an easy way to grow your own food right in your window! Constructed from recycled materials, window farms are perfect for small apartments with limited space. Make a small hydroponic planter to take home with you. Each attendee should bring one empty plastic bottle. (12-32oz is best)

 4 p.m. Ten Steps to Sustainability – The Green Suite

In this intro class, you’ll learn how to make small modifications to your everyday life for big Mother Nature approved ramifications. We will discuss in detail ten easy steps to modify your current lifestyle that will streamline your budget, minimize your impact on the planet and make you a happier, healthier human.

5 p.m. TBA – Chicago Textile Recycling